Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Final Negotiations

We have entered into final negotiations with the Vice Chancelor of Bradford University. We are very close to coming to an agreement!

This morning around 6am, the 20 students who were occupying the boardroom set about finalising preperations for the upcoming day. We debated our new counter-proposal and discussed the motives and aims of the occupation. The mood was cautiously optimistic.

We were just finishing discussing our expectations for the day when the Vice-Chancellor came to speak with the representative of the Students Union. After feedback and discussion within the group we then agreed to establish a smaller negotiation group to discuss the final proposals with the Vice Chancellor.
The students, reasonably and peacefully moved location and ended the occupation as a gesture of good will and appreciation towards the university's efforts to accomodate our proposals.

The Vice Chancellor supplied the negotiation group with his written statement of acceptance of the main revised proposals. However, there was one point the students felt needed to be added to the university's action plan. The vice chancellor is now discussing these issues now with senior members of the university committee and will feedback to the students at midday today after these discuss.

We will keep you posted on final agreements...please checkback after midday...


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