Friday, 30 January 2009

Get your MP to suppor the occupations.

The following motion has been submitted to the house of commons, please make sure that you ask your MP to sign it in support of the occupations across the country. Contact them at

The following parliamentary motion has been tabled:

EDM 626 STUDENT OCCUPATIONS 28.01.2009 McDonnell, John 2 signatures

Corbyn, Jeremy

That this House praises the wave of student occupations across the country against Israel's unlawful invasion and bombing of Gaza; regrets that an estimated thousand Palestinians have been killed as a direct result of the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza with many more people injured and suffering ongoing hardship; and welcomes the engagement of young people in protesting against the unfolding human tragedy in Gaza by taking direct action at numerous institutions including Cambridge University, Essex University, Kings College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford University, Queen Mary University London and Sussex University.

Nicolette Petersen
Office of Jeremy Corbyn MP


  1. A great idea but I think it would be better if the motion included the names of all the universities that have occupied to date.
    Still - it's an excellent idea and creates a lot more publicity and awareness of the issues.

  2. I agree, it missed out us, but I fear that it is too late to change it now.