Thursday, 29 January 2009

University Statment published

The University statement was today published on the University website for students, staff and the public to read.

It re-affirmed the commitment to peace, international law and justice and gave a link to the DEC disaster appeal.

It can be read here


  1. Comrades,
    We at Leeds Uni, are currently in negotiations. Could you expand on the following from the VC's statment 'Provide a list of companies for whom we hold shares in our investment portfolio'. Is this an exhaustive list? Or did you guys agree on a number (a dozen has been suggested to us)? If so, how many companies did/could you ask about?
    With thanks,
    An occupier.

  2. This is a list of every company that the University invest in, UoB hold about £4million in shares.

    Is everything ok in Leeds, I know that some people are willing to come and held out if need be.


  3. Great Job guys :)
    as a former Palestinian student in the UK I'm extremely happy and proud of the student movement in the UK. you guys proved that students can still do something and that the time of apathy is gone.
    I wish I was still there in the UK with all of you.
    Best of luck wya'ateekom ila'afye.

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