Tuesday, 27 January 2009


After lengthy discussions with the vice chancellor, in which he attempted to find a compromise with the occupiers, it was decided to continue the occupation overnight in order to put more pressure on the university to fulfil our demands.

Some people couldn't remain overnight, but many have stayed, some going off to fetch supplies; food, sleeping bags & blankets, games, etc. 15 people are currently settling down for a long night in the brightly lit boardroom, and we expect more soon.

The atmosphere is relaxed and confident, some chilling out and others preparing for the important first morning of the occupation tomorrow.


  1. Talk to us we can be contacted at bradford4gaza@gmail.com

  2. Solidarity from Leeds

  3. Well done guys, I'll add you to the occupations mailing list.

    Maybe you want to think about adding to your demands:
    - all old books and computers to be sent to palestine
    - a cross-campus fundraising day with buckets for Medical aid for Palestine in every classroom and lecture hall

    Those are the ones you can make the most tangible difference with and also the ones that all other universities with occupations have agreed to!

  4. Lloyd, I'm honestly very disappointed by how quickly the Union has moved to occupation. It seems that very little effort was made to reach a compromise or any sort of understanding with the university. Given the background of doubtless many of the participants in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution I would have expected to see a more nuanced and mature approach.

    I find this all especially disappointing given how clearly unworkable the original demands were. I cannot believe that any of you seriously thought for a moment that the University would be able to agree to these demands, and coupled with your quickness to resort to drastic measure this all smacks of opportunism, and not motivated by either the interests of the students or a desire to take meaningful action on the catastrophe in Gaza.

    You must all realise the Uni cannot and will not agree to your terms, so what is the end game for you? In all honesty, how do you see this ending and what do you realistically expect to achieve?

  5. I agree that many of the students "demands" are very hard to attain quickly! The University management has been fantastic in negotiating with the students. It is a group of assorted students that are occupying rather than the Union itself, I have been supporting the actions. If you want to see my person feelings on this then you can further look at www.russell-moyle.co.uk.

  6. Skipjack, we appreciate your comments and we welcome all debate on the process we are currently engaged with. However, I feel you are overlooking some key factors. The situation on the ground in the Gaza strip requires immediate action, and going through the usual beauracratic process will be too slow. The humanitarian situation in the Gaza strip was fragile before the curent violence, and a full blown humanitarian crisis is currently taking place. Besides this, there is a huge disparity of power between students of Bradford University and those who make the decision. Sometimes it is important for students to take some more drastic measures to gain equal bargaining power. However, it must be said that we did not decide to occupy until we felt we could not continue the negotiations due to a variety of reasons, including time restraints. It must also be said that the Vice Chancelor has been hugely co-operative and we thank him for spending so much time in our negotiations. Finally the proposals we are giving the unversity adapt as a direct result of the negotiations we are currently in, and what is feesable for the University to do. First and formost, our concerns lie with the people of Gaza and we are doing anything in our power to support them.

  7. The outcome of your protest seems to have yielded a list of action points that are heavily bureaucratic in nature and more geared toward a symbolic, rather than practical, response to the situation in Gaza. This rather undermines your suggestion that time was a critical factor and that the University's compliance was so important that you had no other option but to twist its arm.

    Combined with the VCs willingness to discuss the issue, I would be interested in a comprehensive explanation of your reasoning as to why occupation was the only choice and why more traditional negotiations were not a viable option.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments.