Wednesday, 4 February 2009


STUDENT ACTIVIST CONFERENCE, SATURDAY 7 FEB, 12-4PM, Birkbeck College, Central London.

Dear student activist,

In the last three weeks British campuses have seen a wave of student occupations. College managements are only now coming to terms with the seriousness of these actions.

The wave has not subsided. Queen Mary, University of London, are still in occupation and there are others planned. The victories won at Essex, Sussex Kings College and many others, include scholarships, aid to Gaza and an end to investments in companies which arm Israel.

These demands have been present in the student movement for many years, but in a few weeks of occupation many have been achieved. The tactic of occupation has not been used so successfully for a decade in the student movement. It will doubtless raise its head again.

The threatened sacking of 350 lecturers at London Metropolitan University shows how the recession will affect university students. It is vital for the student movement that we celebrate our wave of victories, and prepare for future battles.

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Conference Agenda

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Building solidarity with Palestine on the campuses With representatives from University campaigns

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Jeremy Corbyn MP, Chris Nineham, StWC, Rob Owen, NUS NEC

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