Sunday, 1 February 2009


1. 3 gentlemen including steven dudderidge entered the room and read
out basically the same statement with regard to our place. he then
gave us two minutes or "our guards will remove you"
2. We decided since none of our demand had even been considered to sit
at the back of the lecture hall and non-violently resist.
3. 9 or so uniformed security guards entered the room and proceeded to
remove the protesters from the floor with force and then throw them
out the building into the cold. I do not think it unreasonable to say
that this is likely illegal considering these are not police officers
but simply security guards. Several screamed out in pain, belts were
ripped etc.
4. Once all the protester had been ejected from the room the
University guards etc proceeded to begin to look through the objects
that remained in the room. This I believe is also a potential legal

Please publicise this immediately.



  1. Also I hear that Sheffield Hallam occupiers are to be suspended from uni.

  2. In response to the numerous queries we have had about how people can voice their sentiments to the university management, we suggest that people contact the university either through:

    - Calling the university switchboard directly on 0114 225 5555,

    - Sending an email to the following:

    Vice Chancellor's PA: FAO Phillip Jones

    Secretary's PA: FAO Liz Winders

    In order that we can verify numbers of people registering complaints/sentiments should the University prove unwilling to divulge this information, you may CC or BCC your message to, though there is no obligation to do so.