Saturday, 7 February 2009

Victory for Rochester University in the USA

From LSE:

The occupation of the University of Rochester ended after 9 hours. The university agreed to a number of statements that we could hold them accountable for and build on to continue this movement of boycott and divestment. Most importantly, we got them to agree to help organize with their own resources a public forum to expose their investments. Below are the statements that Dean Burns signed last night.

1. Divestment. That Dean Burns help organize a public forum with the U of R investors, SDS and the community on U of R investment policy, and U of R investment in Israel.
2. Humanitarian Aid. That U of R commit resources and provide any needed information for a campus-wide fundrive for Palestine.
3. Academic Aid. That U of R assess needs in Gaza and donate surplus supplies to universities such as computers, books...etc.
4. Scholarships. That U of R commit to providing international student scholarships to Palestinians.

We are proud of what we did and the support from community activists we received. This was just the first step at the University of Rochester.

For details on the occupation, reported from the inside:

Solidarity from the UK! Rochester have taken an historic, unprecedented step for American universities. The international movement is growing!

Also: Solidarity to other activists in the US, who were punched by a journalist and manhandled by police:


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